Today I launch my blog. Although it’s my intent to use this as a psuedo-professional space, who knows what it might evolve into. I’m open. Nevertheless, it should be stated that I’m, by trade, a political scientist. And, by nature I’m a person with my own thoughts. As a result, I imagine this blog to contain some politically oriented thoughts and reflections.

It also seems to appropriate that as a political scientist and a faculty member at the University of Utah, that I launch my blog on the day that Joe Biden has officially launched his choice of V.P.–Kamala Harris! I say that this is both professionally and personally thrilling because the UU will host the 2020 V.P. Debate between Harris & Pence. I cannot express my relief that Harris was his choice. Harris will offer so much to this election and no doubt will no doubt bring Pence to his knees again and again with her bold and keen rhetorical skills. She’s a force. She is the perfect choice.

I look forward to seeing how my blog and this election proceeds. This might be my only post but perhaps I’ll find that I enjoy the practice of maintaining and adding to it. We’ll see what happens for both eventually. Here’s to November and beyond.


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